What is the price of a gram of gold?

gold ingots

To guarantee a takeover offer that is as close as possible to the market reality, variations in international gold prices are tracked in real time.

But beware, not everything is necessarily sold at the weight of gold, you can also sell antique jewelry for an expertise value (higher than the price of gold).

Our experts will give you some tips on things to keep in order not to lose money by selling them.

Sell: gold scrap, broken jewelry, antique jewelry, gold coins, dental gold …

BUYINGGOLD.CH buys, in the course of the day, gold, silver, platinum … in all its forms, be it gold scrap, old or broken jewelery, as well as ingots, coins of coins and dental gold.

How to sell gold?

Very simple: you just have to go to one of our branches without an appointment, with your identity card as each sale is registered.

To calculate the value of the gram of gold, several factors come into play. To know about the price of your gold when you sell it, here are some clues to take into account.

The world gold price

Gold is a precious metal used as a safe haven, so its price is indexed to the economy. When it slows down, the price of gold goes up and vice versa when the system goes back to work. For 2 years, gold has reached records projecting the fine gold bullion up to 53150.- CHF (per kilo).

The percentage of gold in the alloy

Several alloys are used for jewelry creation. From 8 to 24 carats, the percentage of gold is not the same, which obviously affects its price. that’s how you spot.

% of Gold99,9991,6783,3475,0158,50

Selon les couleurs de l’or, l’alliage fluctue également, à titre indicatif, voilà les mélanges existants:

ColorFine GoldSilverCopperNickelZinc
Yellow Gold75%12,50%12,50%
Pink Gold75%6%19%
Grey Gold75%10%12,50%2,50%
Red Gold75%4,50%20,50%

The origin of the jewel

Often, depending on the origin of the jewel, the purity of gold is not the same. In some countries, the gold used to make jewelry is still processed, which increases the mixes in the alloy and deteriorates its quality.

It is quite complex to estimate the value of a jewel by weight without seeing it because all these elements are important. The best way is to entrust this task to an expert. Expertises are free, confidential and without commitment, so do not hesitate to come to one of our branches.

The price of silver has risen, in the same way as other precious metals.

We buy silverware of all kinds. It becomes more interesting to sell one’s silverware at a good price by weight, quickly, simply and in its entirety, considering the price of the silver bullion, than to try to sell it in other more laborious ways.

We pay Cash during the day and after verification of the alloy.

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