Gold and health


We usually adorn ourselves with our finest gold jewelry to shine. And yet, gold can also help us shine from the inside. Since the earliest ages, the precious metal has been used for medicinal purposes, especially in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine. The Western pharmacopoeia has confirmed its antioxidant properties and the human body tolerates very well the presence of this unalterable metal in pacemakers, dental crowns, prostheses… The biocompatibility of gold allows a variety of uses in the medical field. Following a shock or during periods of stress or weakening of the immune system, taking gold in the form of a trace element boosts the defense and adaptation of the body: gold stimulates the adrenal glands and releases cortisol, a natural anti-inflammatory. The eyes of cancer researchers have recently turned to gold. Through nanoscience techniques (study and use of infinitely small particles), X-rays could more easily detect gold nanoparticles matched with an affected cell. So it could be that, one day, this metal would allow to diagnose cancer sooner than our current capabilities. Source: CNRS, “The unique properties of gold in nanotechnology”