On the gold market, patience is the mother of all virtues

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Does gold trading follow the same rules as stock trading? While apparently the two activities have many common points, there is undoubtedly one rule that radically differentiates them. Indeed, while timing is played at the minute, or even the second, when it comes to buying or selling stock exchanges, based on the latest economic and political events, patience is the mother of all virtues when it comes to gold transactions. Indeed, it is pointless, and even counterproductive, to track the rate of the precious metal on a daily basis. Selling or buying the precious metal at the slightest surge is not the most appropriate method for this investment, which follows specific rules. As opposed to stock exchange, gold trading is a long-term investment.

Of course, the yellow metal still has a volatile value, particularly as a result of the issuance by banks of precious metal-backed products. A volatility that could prompt one to quickly buy and sell, and which banks do not hesitate to cultivate as long as their customers’ savings investment in gold or silver is disadvantageous to financial institutions. But the truth is that patience will allow buyers to make great profits. However, there is an exception to the rule. Although ingots deserve to be kept for long periods of time, investment documents can be bought or resold in the short term. This, however, should not prevent one from being patient and not succumb to the sirens of the gold markets…