gold object

The earliest gold artifacts have been discovered in the Necropolis of Varna, on the shores of the Black Sea in what is today eastern Bulgaria. According to archaeologists, they were fabricated in about 4500 BC. In other words, not even 7000 years have passed since man started to use gold! From a historical perspective of humanity, this period is equivalent to a grain of sand: the Homo sapiens, the first modern man, appeared in Africa 200,000 years ago…

Brought to light in 1972, the necropolis harbored more than 290 graves. And inside them, more than 3000 objects were found, totaling 6 kg of gold. After examining the objects, we now know that men of that era worked gold like a goldsmiths. Indeed, in the graves, all kinds of jewels (a bracelet in solid gold of more than 200 grams, plates, plastrons, diadems, splendid adornments, a buckle of belts, etc.) rubbed on coins and even a golden scepter, which was surely used for worshiping purposes.