Your body contains gold

Your body contains gold

During a visit to the doctor, you may have been prescribed an iron cure. This metal is an essential element of hemoglobin that gives blood its red colour.

If our body needs iron, another metal, more surprising, is found in each of us: gold.

It is useless to rush to your mirror to check if you will ooze a little of the precious metal, because the quantities remain very small.

For a person weighing 70 kg, one should not expect to find more than 0.2 mg of gold, or the equivalent of 0.85 euro cents. In other words, it is not by sweeping your sweat that you will make your fortune.

An exception: Diane de Poitiers, who drank a golden solution in order to preserve, she thought, her youth. When her hair was analyzed, it contained five hundred times more gold than normal.

This gold simply comes from our food because gold, even in infinitesimal quantities, is found in the earth from which almost all of our food comes. The more gold there is in agricultural soil, the more metal there is in the body, but in proportions that are still minimal.

In health terms, this gold is not at all essential to the proper functioning of the human body, nor is it harmful. This lack of health risk explains why gold, often in alloys, has long been used by dentists to replace missing teeth and reshape the most damaged ones.